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Safety First!

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If you don’t know who Elisa Wallace is, you need to meet her. Eventer, mustang trainer, all-around-horse person. She has a no-nonsense, sensible, kind, calm, but very wise approach to her training methods. In her vlog this week, she explains her work with her mustangs in training, and explains how she prepares for the upcoming Rolex Three-Day Event competition. Subscribe to her YouTube channel for training tips, a new vlog is released, every Monday.

New study reveals Equestrians are structured and balanced

A new study, conducted by the German National Federation FN , revealed equestrian can be described as; determined, enthusiastic, structured and balanced . The

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More proof horse people are “stable” people!

““The close contact with the animal requires a high degree of empathy and sensitivity for the subtle body language of horses. This capability helps when dealing with people, too,” Soenke Lauterbach, General Secretary of the FN emphasizes.”

Cross Country with Jim Wofford

Today’s classic lower-leg position and the way we ride over fences have evolved from something quite different.

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A great article from Practical Horseman:  Jim Wofford’s Cross Country column “looks at lower-leg position and how…the way we ride over fences has evolved since the turn of the 20th century.”